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  • Reprise

    Reprise Media offers blended search optimisation services including Paid Search, SEO, Digital PR and Social Media management and optimisation. Broader digital performance capabilities include affiliate marketing and multivariate testing.

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  • Ensemble

    Ensemble are specialists in delivering consumer engagement through the development of brand-inspired content and its syndication/ distribution, sponsorship leverage and brand activation.

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  • Orion

    Orion purchases excess stock in exchange for trade credits on future advertising. These credits can offset up to 20% of their media spend and is planned and bought by their agency.

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  • Cadreon

    Cadreon is Mediabrands agency trading desk that drives superior display performance through real time buying across 4 million Australian and overseas websites, the application of sophisticated datasets and linking in with multiple DSPs.

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  • MNET

    Mnet creates mobile ideas that accelerate results, deepen customer relationships and build brand value. Capabilities include mobile strategy, campaign design and execution across app development, coupons, NFC, mobile sites, mobile ads and media buying.

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  • Magna Global

    Magna Global is the strategic global media unit of IPG responsible for forecasts, insights and negotiation strategy across all media channels.

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  • Airborne

    Airborne is a quick turnaround, cost effective creative agency. Capabilities span across all aspects of creative, design and production and all media including digital, TVCs, radio, outdoor, print, point of sale and packaging.

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  • Anomaly

    Anomaly assists clients in optimising their media investments through research services including focus groups, online studies, brand tracking and creative testing plus analytics services including DR and econometrics.

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  • Initiative

    A service focused agency creating performance led communications solutions across all paid, owned and earned touchpoints that empowers marketers to deliver real business results.

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  • UM

    UM is Australia’s “Big Boutique” media agency and has been recognised by Adnews as delivering the #1 highest quality of client work in both 2012 and 2011.

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  • BPN

    BPN is a global full service media agency that believe simplicity rules. Simple ideas enter the brain quicker, stay there longer and are more effective. Now that’s a radical thought for a new media agency.

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IPG Mediabrands Australia is Australia’s leading marketing services company, providing clients expertise in the full spectrum of communication needs.

Find out how Mediabrands can assist your company’s growth.


Mediabrands Australia offers a full spectrum of marketing services including:


Designing innovative marketing strategies to maximize exposure, increase sales and market share.

Companies: Initiative, UM, MB Three


Behind every piece of effective communications is an effective strategy. Let us develop or sharpen yours.


We’re obsessed with one outcome. Delivering you better returns via media dollars spent wisely.

Companies: Initiative, UM, MB Three


Mastering technology to drive superior results for your brand or campaign.

Companies: Cadreon, Reprise


Bing us to find out how we’ll help you lead on Google, whether through paid search or SEO.

Companies: Reprise


Exceptionally well-Credentialed in developing and producing campaigns for Digital, Print, TV & Radio, Social, Mobile and Experiential.

Companies: Airborne, Ensemble


We're driving the Social transformation of businesses; from social insights, strategy to execution and community management. We're not recommending Social Media because it's cool and buzz worthy. We live and breath Social, creating campaigns that deliver our clients measurable ROI.

Companies: Reprise, Airborne


Creating standout brand-inspired content and sponsorship leveraging opportunities. Delivering consumer engagement beyond the ad-break.

Companies: Ensemble, Airborne


Our teams decode the science of marketing into a competitive edge for our clients.


How will your brand prosper from the ‘Smart Phone’ revolution? We have answers!

Companies: Mnet


Offset your media spend by trading stock for credit.

Companies: Orion Trading

Some work

Great work happens when our specialist services collaborate. Here’s a snapshot.

MB3, Ensemble

Coles, Masterchef

Description: With decades of Woolworths claiming they are ‘The Fresh Food People’, to convince consumers of Coles’ fresh food quality we knew that simply shouting ‘fresh’ wouldn’t work. We chose instead to inspire Aussies to be more adventurous in the kitchen and look beyond the ‘meat and 3 veg’ or ‘spag bol’. Securing the foundation sponsorship of MasterChef was all-important, and combined with Curtis Stone’s ‘Feed Your Family for under $10’ we delivered upon the ‘Quality food costs less at Coles’ positioning.
Our campaign went beyond seamless and deep program integration; by knowing the dishes and key ingredients weeks before episodes airing, Coles sourced the ingredients and provided them at the best price so that “with Coles, anyone can cook like a MasterChef.” MasterChef attracted massive TV audiences however success was delivered by integrating the campaign throughout all of Coles’ assets - the rush to the Coles pantry provided on-screen visibility, however it was the MasterChef content leveraged in 6 million catalogues and through 10,000 staff in 800 stores that helped inspire people to get involved and shop at Coles. The sponsorship was so successful it was highlighted in Wesfarmers annual report as a key driver of sales success.

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UM, Ensemble, Airborne, Anomaly

Ninemsn, Mi9 Brand

Description: We worked with Ninemsn to develop the new corporate brand identity, logo, positioning and launch. We also delivered an innovative and interactive trade promotion that exceeded client targets.

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Initiative, Ensemble, Reprise, Anomaly

Hyundai, i40 and Sculptures By The Sea

Description: The new Hyundai i40 Tourer was a great performing & stylish looking car, however not necessarily on everyone’s shopping list as this was not a category in which Hyundai had credentials. Instead of getting people to come to dealers to test drive, we aligned the car launch with a similarly stylish event, Sydney’s “Sculptures By The Sea” exhibition on the cliffs between Bondi and Bronte. On many hot summer days we offered attendees the opportunity to travel in our air conditioned i40 chauffeur service back to the start of the walk – and in doing so gave the public a thorough taste of the new i40. Post-event, our tracking showed substantial uplift, we’d given positive i40 brand experiences to 1200 people and the national online gallery amplified the activation being viewed by over 800,000.

Click to read the full case study
Initiative, Reprise

Kia, Get More Value

Description: Consumers historically saw the Kia brand as ‘cheap’ and not one of ‘value’ so for launch of the Kia Cerato hatch in late 2010 Initiative leveraged the overseas growth of group buying to drive this focus on value. We created the first branded deals site in Australia –www.getmorevalue.com.au, an interactive website that gave consumers access to daily value deals. To create synergy with the car, the deals were linked to a Cerato feature eg. iPOD connectivity connected with music tickets. We brought it to the masses through TV, outdoor, digital display/video and radio executions tagged with the website. This was an absolute first for the client, normally so focused on driving straight to their own website.
Across the campaign we drove 45,000 unique visitors to the site, representing 20% of people who will buy a small car in Australia. Nielsen Buzzmetrics indicates there were 315 positive conversations about the Cerato and its value proposition. Most importantly our Consumer Benefit premise converted into real business results with Cerato sales up 33% YOY.

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UM, Ensemble, Airborne, Reprise

Microsoft, Marry Me, Microsoft

Description: We solved a marketing challenge for Microsoft and how they could communicate what cloud computing means across their most common platforms being Windows & Office for Windows, Office and Live services and created a single real-usage scenario at Circular Quay, Sydney showcasing how all products helped a groom plan his marriage when separated from his bride and the rest of the world. Daily TV coverage, extensive social media interaction and the creation of brand-inspired content led to massive shifts in Microsoft brand metrics around likeability, product understanding and preference over competitor products. And the groom successfully made it to his wedding day.

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UM, Airborne, Anomaly

McDonalds, McDonalds Gets Grilled

Description: UM conceptualised, developed and produced a one hour primetime TV special to dispel common misconceptions about McDonalds, and to look behind the scenes at the operations of Australia’s largest and most progressive QSR chain. This bold strategy was the first of its kind globally and acclaimed throughout the McDonalds network and is looking to be replicated in other countries.

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UM, Reprise

Meat & Livestock Australia, Awaken your Beeflex

Description: Masterchef and similar programs have taught people about ‘flambéing’, ‘jus’ and ‘caramelising’ however in doing so drew attention away from beef and the humble steak. With women largely caught up in food artistry we focused our attention on guys. Timing was critical; during sporting finals we teased them with branded coasters in pubs, and the day after the grand finals we ran blank ads in new publications highlighting the lack of sports news and encouraging guys to re-focus their attention on re-claiming the backyard BBQ. Complementing this, scent played a key role with innovative bus stops and large format billboards all emitting a succulent steak smell to passers-by. Steak sales rose 40% YOY, web traffic grew 3000%, butchers loved it and it was a global finalist at the Festival of Media 2012.

Click to read the full case study
UM, Ensemble, Airborne

Defence Forces, Game on with the Navy

Description: We needed to position the Navy as an innovative, dynamic and desirable place to work whilst also driving applications, specifically for ‘console’ jobs. With youth passion for hardcore gaming we created one of the largest gaming tournaments ever held in Australia. At these events we tested their wits and capabilities in combat-like games, and senior Navy officials were on hand to discuss specific roles and life in the Navy. Our content from the events rated as 10th highest viewed on YouTube gaming section with 125,000 views and a rating of 4.2 out of 5! As a result of the events and content, perceptions of the Navy were clearly changed with 1/3 of the hundreds of participants saying they’d consider a career in the Navy – and we managed to double the target quota of applications.

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Initiative, Reprise, Anomaly

Oxfam, Unwrapped

Description: To generate substantial year on year donation increases in the middle of the GFC and consumer conservatism we challenged every category norm and steered clear of the rules by which Oxfam’s competitors play; We launched much later than the other Xmas timings, concentrated our spend on a single month, didn’t use performance ad networks and aimed to illicit bigger one off donations rather than ongoing small contributions. This focus on higher net worth individuals as executed through longer form and more immersive content on high quality and reputable news sites saw us eclipse our total donations target and win the IAB Award for 2011 excellence in digital in the not for profit category.

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Initiative, Ensemble, Reprise, Anomaly

Hyundai, Veloster Launch

Description: Whilst the Veloster had a sporty & unusual 3 door design with an obvious appeal to early adopters, we knew negative associations with the Hyundai brand were a major barrier to success. Breaking away from typical car launch media there was agreement to not use TV and instead use digital and targeted outdoor as the lead channels. We created the Veloster Incentive Program (VIP)… a platform that lived across all channels and leveraged the many unique money can’t buy and added value experiences, such as exclusive access to events and music festivals, to drive excitement and intrigue around the “smart versus cool” creative platform. The result was outstanding – the cars sold out in only days after launch, followed by a 3 month waiting list.

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IPG Mediabrands Australia

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Henry Tajer
Mediabrands Executive Chairman
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Mediabrands also has offices in
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Contact details for Agency leaders Australia wide.

Henry Tajer Executive Chairman
Mediabrands Australia
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Reg Davidson Chief Financial Officer
Mediabrands Australia
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Mat Baxter CEO
UM Australia
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Andrew Livingston CEO
Initiative Australia
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Peter Butler Managing Director
Mediabrands Melbourne
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Victor Corones Managing Director
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Daniel Tedesco Mediabrands Australia
National Finance Officer
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Reprise Media
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Justin Ricketts CEO
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Scott Player Managing Director
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Steve Jones Managing Director
Orion Trading
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Malcom Connor Managing Director
UM Sydney & Canberra
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UM Melbourne
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Andrew Mudgway Managing Director
Initiative Melbourne
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Debbie Stevens Managing Director
UM Brisbane
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Managing Director
Initiative Perth
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Managing Director
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